15 Most Expensive Homes in the World

Hundreds of bedrooms. Hundreds of bathrooms. Lavish accommodations beyond your wildest dreams. Together, these homes have all of this and more. And they’re owned by some of the most famous, most successful and richest people on the planet. Are you ready for your jaw to drop as you explore some of the world’s most expensive real estate? Then join us as we count down the 15 most expensive homes in the world. Wait until you see number one! You absolutely won’t believe your eyes.

15. Silicon Valley Estate — $88 million

source: qz.com

If you’ve ever visited Los Altos Hills, California, you know it just doesn’t get much nicer. One big attraction of the elite area? Silicon Valley Estate. Owned by tech mogul Kumar Malavalli, this exclusive estate features five bedrooms in the main residence, a freestanding office, guest suites, an indoor pool with retractable roof, massage room and sauna. Still not enough? The gorgeous property sits on eight pastoral acres.


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